Urbanista introduces Los Angeles – Solar powered headphones with virtually infinite playtime

STRAX subsidiary Urbanista, the Swedish lifestyle audio brand, announces Urbanista Los Angeles, the world’s first self-charging, wireless active noise cancelling headphones, powered by Powerfoyle™ solar cell material. Using advanced green technology, Los Angeles converts all forms of light, outdoor and indoor, into energy to deliver virtually infinite playtime.

To deliver this limitless audio experience, Urbanista has teamed up with Exeger, a Swedish innovation company, that has created a groundbreaking solar cell technology. Exeger’s Powerfoyle™ converts any form of light into clean energy and can be seamlessly integrated into any design. For the first time, it is now powering headphones, enabling endless energy to music lovers around the world.

The initiative with solar and light powered headphones is an extremely strong value proposition for the user and we see very solid business potential in this product. At the same time, we are both proud and happy to take part in introducing clean energy into this category, an initiative that fits very well into STRAX’s ongoing work with sustainability. Urbanista have over the past few years taken very impressive steps in product development and have a solid range of in-ear and over-ear headphones using the latest technologies and supporting the functionality demanded by consumers, this groundbreaking product is a very welcome addition to the strong Urbanista product portfolio” says Gudmundur Palmason, CEO, STRAX AB.

This is the start of a revolution in consumer electronics. In close collaboration with Urbanista, we now launch the world’s first self-powered wireless headphone. I strongly believe that once users experience the freedom of endless energy, there’s no way we’re going back to plugging a USB charger into the wall. We are extremely excited about this product and confident that people around the world are going to love it” says Giovanni Fili, CEO, Exeger.

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