Reacting to opportunities in the mobile and connected-technology market, the STRAX proprietary brands design and manufacture affordable, state-of-the-art products.

S/X Innovation

SX Innovation is a new division at STRAX focused on incubating new brand ideas. We have all the resources to take brands from idea to best-seller, and have developed methodologies to create truly profitable, sustainable businesses.

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Licensed Brands

Well-known brands work with STRAX to reliably deliver their widely recognised names onto easily accessible, excellent quality and value-for-the-money products.

Brandvault Market­places

Brandvault was founded in the UK in 2018 and is a global ecommerce company specializing in mobile accessories and connected devices. The company sells to a wide range of online global marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and has a proven track record of skyrocketing growth, profile and presence. Brandvault provides a range of value-added services including enhanced content creation and finding the most effective strategies to attract online customers.

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