The fragile iPhone X: GEAR4 combines patented pro-tection with a modern look

There are many protective cases for cell phones made from rubber, plastic, or fabric and they are all supposed to offer protection against scratches, cracks, or even worse damage. The Victoria collection from GEAR4 for the new iPhone stands out from the crowd. The product line offers patented technology that is used by extreme athletes, security companies, and even the military. This makes it ideal for anyone who really wants to know that their iPhone X is safe. After all, this version is more fragile than all of its predecessors.

The iPhone X shines with technical finesse and looks great – but is in constant danger of breaking. This was the finding of the recent case study carried out by the German consumer organization, Stiftung Warentest. It established that the most expensive iPhone of all times is also the most fragile. This discovery is by no means surprising, in particular considering that the back of the latest flagship Apple product is made of glass. The product tester naturally advises protecting the valuable smartphone with a suitable case. After all, a repair can unknowingly end up being as expensive as an iPhone 7 in the worst case. The cell phone cases offered by GEAR4 are ideally suited to protection purposes.

The same can be said of the Victoria collection. Its cases have a special frame in which the innovative D3O® material has been integrated. The advantage of this feature is brought to bear at the molecular level: If the smart material is securely in a person’s hand or on a table, it is flexible. However, in the event of a vibration, caused for example by a fall, the molecules inside the D3O® material bind together and form an extremely stable structure. The kinetic energy is absorbed and lessened upon impact, meaning that nothing can happen to the valuable cell phone which is protected by this material. This means that GEAR4’s cases are lighter and slimmer than comparable cases.

Protection meets Fashion
The new Victoria collection for the iPhone X from GEAR4 is impressive for more than just this unique characteristic. For many Apple fans, a stylish look is just as important as the greatest possible safety. Victoria stands out in this category too, with the design of the cases inspired by current fashion trends. There is a good reason for the collection’s motto: “Protection meets Fashion.” Geometric, natural, metallic and shimmering patterns characterize the appearance of the protective cases. Four different designs are available for users to choose from: Coral, Geometric Gold, Geo Teal Gold and Blue Swirl. With so much choice, there should be the right style to suit any iPhone owner. It goes without saying that all connection points and buttons remain unimpeded, so the smartphone is as easy to use as ever. These characteristics – an attractive design and maximum protection – make the Victoria cases perfect accessories for all iPhone X users and also ideal gifts, including for Christmas.

Product specifications:

  • Suitable for the iPhone X
  • Integrated D3O® technology in the frame
  • Four trendy designs
  • Also available for iPhone 6-8s and 6-8s Plus
  • RRP €34.99
  • Available from selected German specialized retailers as well as at

So what exactly is D3O®?
The molecules in D3O® materials in their raw state flow freely when moved slowly, but on shock, lock together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to their flexible state. This reaction is counter intuitive. The greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection meaning your device stays safe when dropped.

About D3O
D3O develops ground breaking impact protection solutions and is a market leader in protective wear and shock absorbing materials. The UK based company currently supplies leading brands in the electronics, sport, motorcycle, industrial workwear, law enforcement and military protection markets.

D3O uses unique patented and proprietary technologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties that are used in impact protection products. Based on non- Newtonian principles, in its raw form, the material’s molecules flow freely, allowing it to be soft and flexible, but on impact, lock together to dissipate impact energy and reduce transmitted force.

D3O licenses its protective solutions to leading brands and organisations worldwide including Under Armour, Schutt Sports, Snickers Workwear, Dr. Martens, US Special Forces, 3M, Furygan and Scott Sports.

About GEAR4
Founded in 2006, GEAR4 is the Number One impact protection case brand in the UK. In 2015, GEAR4 partnered with D3O to create world leading impact protection products for consumer electronics.

Ten years old and established in over 40 countries, GEAR4 has a proven track record of creating world leading products that have satisfied millions of consumers worldwide.

Working to the impeccable standards of British engineering and innovation, GEAR4 pride themselves on constantly delivering unique, well-designed products that protect your most precious devices.

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