Collaboration with 4ocean to support the development and manufacturing of 4ocean signature iPhone cases

STRAX is pleased to announce a collaboration with 4ocean, a purpose driven business with the mission to end
the ocean plastic crisis and support the development and manufacturing of their new 4ocean Signature iPhone
cases made from 4ocean Plastic™. As a part of the development process STRAX supported the material
development, testing and optimization for manufacturing, design, and fulfilment of the new 4ocean Signature
iPhone Case in the USA. STRAX, an environmentally conscious organization, is concerned by the size of the
challenge our oceans face from plastic waste and is happy to be part of the solution by partnering with 4ocean.
Being an expert in the field of mobile accessories STRAX was able to leverage their global R&D resource and
market specific knowledge to add value to 4ocean.

“We are very pleased to have been selected as the development partner of 4ocean for their venture into mobile
accessories and proud at the same time to be able to support such an important cause as cleaning our oceans
from plastic waste. This type of partnership is furthermore aligned with STRAX overall commitment to corporate
social responsibility,” says Gudmundur Palmason CEO STRAX.

“We were so happy to work with STRAX on this huge milestone and beyond stoked to unveil the 4ocean
Signature iPhone Case, our first of many products created from 4ocean Plastic™.
4ocean Plastic™ is certified ocean plastic that our professional cleanup crews have recovered and recycled into
verified ocean plastic materials. The products made with this material are intended to continue raising awareness
about ocean plastic pollution, serve as a reminder to live an ocean friendly lifestyle, and will help fund 4ocean’s
global ocean cleanup operations,” says Alex Schulze, CEO and Co-Founder of 4ocean.

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