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STRAX expands its management team

STRAX has added the position of chief marketing officer (CMO) to its management team. Phil Mulholland has been hired to fill the position, in which capacity he will be in charge of strategic marketing activities for STRAX, which is a Global specialist in mobile accessories, connected devices and innovative product solutions. An expert in the field of telecommunication, Mr. Mulholland comes to STRAX from the Sweden-based manufacturer of mobile device accessories, OSM, and will be reporting directly to STRAX's Managing Director.

Phil Mulholland named to the newly created position of chief marketing officer
XQISIT outfits a new line of accessories with MAGNEAT® technology

Smartphone and tablet accessories that, thanks to MAGNEAT® technology, are securely held in place and yet are always ready to hand, are growing in popularity. XQISIT has now incorporated these magnetic products into a new line of accessories. These products enable users to do things like attach their smartphone to a car mount in a jiffy, or attach their smartphone to one of XQISIT’s practical and stylish wallet cases, which are available in a range of colors.

Accessories with drawing power
BH100 XQISIT – no more tangled wires

Some people might see untangling the Gordian knot that is your headset cables as an intriguing puzzle or even an exercise in meditation, but let’s be honest – it’s annoying and time-wasting to most of us; whichever way, the stylish, new BH100 Stereo Bluetooth headset from the XQISIT accessory specialist based near Cologne, Germany, gives you the choice – you can use it either wired or via Bluetooth.

Listen to music and talk on the phone over Bluetooth
XQISIT launches bespoke accessories for the new HTC and Samsung smartphones

The previous models were top sellers; and now their long awaited successors have been released, in the guise of the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6, which were unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For these smartphones, XQISIT offers a portfolio of bespoke accessories comprising flip covers, wallet cases and booklet cases, which XQISIT (a mobile-device accessory specialist based in German) has added to its portfolio, for the two newest smartphones. These accessories are available from XQISIT’s online store at, and will soon be available from selected retailers.

Bespoke accessories for the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6
XQISIT proudly announces a new line of accessories, in iPhone 6 colors

XQISIT is launching a line of accessories inspired by the gold, silver and black semigloss finishes of the iPhone 6. Thus accessories such as cases, speakers, headsets, speakers and XQISIT battery packs can now be impeccably coordinated with the colors of the iPhone 6. The collection is available from selected stores, and from the XQISIT online store at

XQISIT launches accessories in iPhone 6 colors

"With its iPhone 6 in silver, gold and black, Apple has come out with new trendsetting colors," says Timo Treudt, Head of XQISIT. "Today’s users also want their accessories to make a striking fashion statement in conjunction with their smartphone. And that’s exactly what we’re after with our expanded XQISIT collection." XQISIT’s portfolio of accessories already comprises accessories specifically designed for the thin iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, with its enlarged display. Gold, silver and black have now been added to some of the most popular product lines.

STRAX donating to the Kinderzukunft Foundation

As in past years, STRAX GmbH is making a Christmas donation to the Kinderzukunft Foundation. The donation being made by the company (which specializes in mobile-communication accessories) will go to children’s villages in Guatemala, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Kinderzukunft Foundation uses the donations it receives to provide children with the necessities of life, as well as education.

Christmas donation for children in need


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